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honey soaked buttermilk pancakes



argue what you will about whether you like or dislike valentines day.  your anti-consumerism stance, how could so called ‘required love’ be a true sign of affection or that the obligation to give a gift is about as romantic as dirty sports shoes.  the fact remains breakfast in bed is a luxury and valentines day is the perfect opportunity to spoil a loved one – even if it is to be a little expected!

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smoked paprika bbq grilled prawns

Alana standing_small


alana lowes summer 2014-11_small

smoky, spicy prawns skewers are perfect summer snacks.  shake a cocktail, grab a towel and sit by the pool nibbling at these juicy, slightly charred morsels.

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breakfast kale & egg bake

Kale & Egg Bake_resized sml

I adore eggs. I eat them poached, scrambled, fried, baked or steamed. I am always looking for delicious and simple ways to incorporate eggs into my meals, particularly for breakfast.

eating eggs for the first meal of the day is a great way to satisfy your rumbling tummy and with a little sautéed kale and garlic, this recipe is a touch gourmet and looks absolutely delightful on a sunny (side up) morning.

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the best (& fanciest) hot chocolate






spring might have sprung, but parts of the country have turned the temperature dial back to winter conditions.  my best (and fanciest) hot chocolate recipe will have you warmed through in no time.

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slow cooked lamb tagine with chermoula & apricots



I have always found myself mesmerised by the exotic combination of history and flavours that makes up Morocco. Moroccan food is incredibly diverse thanks to the range of spices, herbs, fruit and vegetables introduced by the Arabs, the Ottoman Empire and other new and different ingredients from North Africa and the Mediterranean.

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